Mason Winzeler

Mason found Modo Yoga in 2012 – it was love at first practice! In March 2017, Mason completed Modo’s 300 hour intensive training in Nicaragua; upon return, she dove head first into Modo’s Distance Learning Program, and was RYT 500Hr Certified by October of that year.

Mason’s classes are inspired by Modo’s Pillar “Live to Learn”. Whether it’s better understanding the physical body, the ancient yoga texts, or simply being an earnest student of life, Mason has an insatiable thirst to grow. The hot room is a space for co-creating “ah-ha” moments that can be carried off the mat, and into life.

Modo’s Pillar, “Be Accessible” is another hallmark of her instruction. Mason was practicing for 10 years before she realized that Eagle Pose had been pushing her body out of alignment, causing wear and tear on her knees. Now, she honors that each body is different and offers posture modifications throughout class. She believes that if something doesn’t feel right in your body, there is a block, strap, or modification that could better serve you – if you have questions, just ask! She nerds out on anatomy and lights up at the opportunity to workshop poses and sequences after class.

Curiosity guides Mason in her personal practice. She knows that the body, mind, and spirit vary day to day; she loves this as a constant reminder to come back to the “Beginner’s Mind”, and knows there is always something new to learn. Both on and off her mat, Mason’s endless practice is negotiating balance between effort and ease. Daily, she strives to live with humility and act with grace.