Here are answers to some common questions (feel free to call or e-mail us if you have more):

  1. How hot is it in your practice room? How is it heated? We heat the room to 100-105F for our hot yoga classes (Modo, Modo Flow and Hot Flow), the room is kept at 9oF for barre + pilates, and we do not heat the room for Yin classes (usually ends up being between 80-85F degrees).  The room is heated by radiant heat panels in the ceiling and kept moist with a humidifier (30-40% for the hot classes), the heat is gentle, but be prepared to sweat!
  2. What kind(s) of classes do you offer? You can find all of the descriptions here.
  3. I’m brand new to yoga, is there a class you recommend taking first? All of our classes are accessible to beginners, but we highly recommend taking a Modo or Modo Music class for your first visit. You will have an opportunity to experience the heated environment and get a solid foundation started to your yoga practice.  A Modo class is half standing poses, followed by half seated poses with breathing exercises (pranayama) at the beginning and end of class. You can take as many breaks as you need to.
  4. Do you offer a first class free or how much is a class? We do not offer a free first class, rather, we offer a discounted first month for only $40.  It can take a few of classes to get used to the heat and we want you to experience the effects of that a regular yoga practice can bring to your life, so we offer the discounted month so you can take a bunch of classes and see how you’re feeling and if the classes fit into your schedule.
  5. What are my options after the intro offer? A single class costs $19 (except Karma classes are only $5), there are 5 + 10 Class Card options, as well as, auto-renew memberships that have member perks.
  6. What is the Karma class?  Every Friday at 7pm we offer a $5 drop in Karma class. This class is a regular Modo Class in which all drop in fees collected are donated to charity. We support different charities all the time, some are local Las Vegas organizations and some are larger, domestic/international organizations. This class is open everyone and is $5, even if you currently hold a pass with us.
  7. Do you offer special discounts to certain groups? Yes, you can find out if you qualify here here.
  8. What is the Energy Exchange program? You can find more information and the application here. We prefer that you’ve at least taken 6 classes or completed the intro month with us prior to being eligible for the program.